Welcome to Shree Punyakoti Go Rakshana Vedike (R)

Shree Punyakoti Go Rakshana Vedike (SPGRV) is an organization for the welfare of cow, ox and calf. A registered public charitable Trust Registered under the provisions of Karnataka state government vide Reg No SGR – 4 – 00079 – 09 dated 23.03.2009.SPGRV was founded on 23rd March 2009 by Mr.K.V.Purushottam Hegde, a humble farmer who feels service to the animals is equal to the service to the god. SPGRV is involved in the educating the public about the importance and holiness of cows and their welfare. Protect and provide medical facilities to cows, to collect the data of Indian cow breeds and distribute the same free of cost. Helping cow-keepers to utilize the benefits given by the state and central government. Promote the sense of self-help to cow-keepers and educate them on the importance of unity. To bring various like minded organization under one umbrella. Arrange effective seminars on to benefit cow and cow-keepers.